Felix at a Glance

Your Main Page

This is your home page with your company name, logo and your choice of colors.

With a professional appearance, this page has multiple functions providing all the information needed for your customers, search engines, internet security, and marketing advantages.

Here you can provide coupons or other incentives for your customers.

Quote Creation Page

Through this user friendly, quick and easy to complete form, the customer chooses the service desired from the list of services you offer and provides the location of the service.

Felix will then open a new window asking specific details for that service and will prepare the price quote.

Quote Results Page

Felix provides an informative price quote and invites customers to package services for savings.

Felix will show what they save and give the new package price.

The customer has the option to order the services or save the quote for later.

They are also given the option to send you a message.

Order and Payment Page

When a customer choses to schedule the inspection, Felix will show all the available time slots, will ask for contact information, and will verify their commitment and payment ability. If all is good, Felix will accept the order and inform you.

When you have done the inspection, Felix will charge the customer and deposit the money in your bank account. All you have left to do is provide your customer with an inspection report.

Beyond the inspection Felix will continue working; maintain records, organize information, and provide you with a variety of reports.

Periodically Felix will analyze the inspection industry and give you insights about your business and how do you compare with the inspection industry. Felix will also search to identify and report to you any possible improvements to grow your business and make it more profitable.

Give Felix a year and you will see substantial growth in your income and your business positioned on a higher platform in the inspection industry.