Mission Statement

Our goal is to simplify your life and make your business more productive. Our product named Felix, resulted from the need to connect the past with the future by integrating cutting edge modern technology with traditional trustworthy and reliable methods of customer service and profitable business.

Our corporation is a team of dedicated people with focused view and clear understanding of inspection industry and technology. We know that we can only grow with you, and we see ourselves as your partner and friends.

Our commitment is to seek, develop, and integrate foremost technology in your day to day business activities and growth. As a solid bridge between your business needs and socioeconomic technological progress, Felix will function, grow, and evolve at a cost so low that you can only profit. We love Felix and we know you will too.

The Team Serving You

Valerio della Porta – Lead Developer


Valerio is a veteran technology professional with more than twentyfive years of experience in emerging technologies. Valerio has a history of bringing game changing and highly scalable engines to market, from concept through launch and operations.

Raye Williams – Accounts Representative


Raye brings to our company over seven years experience in customer service and office support plus five years experience as a proprietor.  She holds an associate degree from Schoolcraft College and graduated from Dorsey Business Schools. She also has studied architecture and drafting.  She volunteers for many non-profit companies in the community

Julia Viorica Balascan - Accounts representative


Julia is an experienced customer service employee with a wide service background. She has proven time and again efficiency and dedication to customer support.

Megan Yollanda Solby – Office support

Megan has over fifteen years of office work experience, she is always busy making sure all office aspects are in good running order.

John Macai  - Business Manager


More than thirty years business management and twenty years home inspection experience, John understands the inspector’s business and ensures all efforts are made to best serve our inspectors and help them prosper in this partnership.